“Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.” -Yeats

Too many people make their way through life without reaching their potential. Many of us don’t even glimpse what potential we have. As an educator, I want students to recognize what’s possible and then cultivate the skills to make it happen. This is a unique experience for every student I encounter.

One way of unlocking potential is through telling our stories. Some of my students are graduating from high school, some dropping out, some are retiring from a career in computer engineering, others operate heavy equipment. Everyone has a story to tell. I offer exercises that draw these stories to the surface. We create a supportive community to explore what we’ve written. Using the tools of craft, writers edit and refine their work. In this process, they develop a deeper understanding of themselves. The act of defining their identities empowers them to direct the course of their lives. They might publish a zine, write a memoir, go to culinary school or join Poets Against War. They become active participants in the world around them.



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