Schedule 2006:


Reading: in conjuction with viewing of FISHER POETS. Port Townsend Film Festival, September 15-17, 2006

Reading: Northwind Arts Center. September 14, 2006 7 pm

Workshop: From Poetry of Witness to Poetry of Potential. Goddard College. July 17, 2006 Port Townsend WA

Reading: "Sea Queens: Tales from Commerical Fisher Women." In Other Words Books. May 5, 2006 Portland, OR

Reading: Seattle Maritime Festival. Highliner Tavern. May 4, 2006 Seattle WA

Reading: Seattle Follies. Town Hall Seattle. April 27, 2006 Seattle, WA

Reading: Fisher Poets Gathering. February 24-26, 2006 Astoria, OR

Workshop: Poems in Progress. Fisher Poets Gathering. February 25, 2006 Astoria, OR

Reading: Premier of FISHER POETS. San Francisco Independent Film Festival. February 4, 2006 San Francisco, CA

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